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Go to the Back of the Plane – Yahoo! Finance

November 18, 2011
Childfree Flights
Don’t forget the ear-plugs

This week Yahoo! Finance shook things up a bit by posting an article describing the plight of parents traveling with kids.

Parents are complaining of airline seating policies that create “baby ghettos” in the back of planes. Even worse, families are increasingly split up, leaving small children in middle seats in the company of strangers unless passengers arrange seat swaps on board.

There are 2 things I love about this article in particular:

  1. The practice of separating children (and their parents) from childfree adults is on the rise. And it should be, as it is the right thing to do.  My desire to be childfree extends far beyond the boundaries of my household. For me, childfree means childfree. Not just at home, but at work, in restaurants and yes, even on airplanes. Unlike a restaurant, on an airplane I can’t simply opt for take-out and leave. I’m stuck in the same tube as everyone else. And for a parent to pollute the cabin with a screaming child is annoying, selfish, and profoundly inconsiderate.
  2. This issue has angered parents, one of which referred to the child-friendly seating areas of a plane as a “baby ghetto”. The unnamed parent responsible for this quote really hit the nail on the head… “Ghetto”.  That’s what poorly behaved children do, they turn otherwise adult-friendly spaces into the most un-desirable real estate in a restaurant, hotel or airplane. A Ghetto. And now parents are angered that they are being sequestered along with the other inconsiderates who travel with children.Well, tough shit.

Flying With Little Children? Go to the Back of the Plane – Yahoo! Finance.

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One Comment
  1. Dorothy R. Clementine permalink

    Just give a little one a bit of Benadryl 15 minutes before you board… and wa-la… silence! Everybody wins… AND its legal. That’s what we’ve always done in my family. You’re welcome!

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