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Has this ever happened to you?

September 15, 2011

When my wife and I decide to treat ourselves to dinner out, we usually wait until after 8pm or so, with hope that most young children will be home in bed, and not screaming at a restaurant. Sometimes this logic works… sometimes.

As Loud as Chuck-E-Cheese

As Loud as Chuck-E-Cheese

So we arrived at about 8:45pm, at a restaurant called Grand Lux Cafe (owned by Cheesecake Factory). Despite the late hour, there were young children everywhere, all of them tired, cranky and loud. I asked the hostess if there was a place we could be seated away from all the screaming and cutlery throwing. “Perhaps at the bar”, I said. She laughed, there were so many strollers (and kids) at the bar it looked like the line for Space Mountain. They could hire Barney to serve juice boxes on tap.

Well, the hostess took an extra minute to find us a seat away from the screaming. Shortly after, a waitress took our order, and then the magic happened – a party of 10 was seated right next to us, with 4 toddlers in hysterics…. at 9pm!

So, I told the waitress that I was really not in the mood for all that noise, that my wife and I just wanted to relax and enjoy a nice dinner. But the waitress explained to me that that was simply not going to happen. There are no areas of the facility where young children are prohibited, there are no scheduled times when adults can eat without sharing a dining room with children.

And that’s about the time I told the waitress to please bring our food in ‘To Go’ containers – and we got out of there. Disappointed. Again. By the inconsideration of negligent parents.

Have you had a similar experience? Let’s hear it.

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